All NEW Products Now In!!

No matter what kind of product you are interested in Cool Tanz & Spa has you covered! The all new Designer Skin, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, and California Tan all have action packed lotions with bronzers and moisturizers! Like a little heat?? The new tingles for 2019 are sure to give you the sizzle you are looking for and the tan you dream about! Dare to be Bronze? Try the new DS Little Miss Designer for the darkest tan possible!

Designer Skin

Designer Skin's prevailing philosophy is "Nutrition for the Skin" and this mantra drives every aspect of our product development. Designer Skin's phenomenal line of products provide the ultimate in skin nutrition through the use of advanced skincare ingredients and superior formulations.

Swedish Beauty

The Swedish Beauty brand originated in Sweden and was founded on using vitamins for healthy skin. To this day, Swedish Beauty remains true to its roots of making your color and skincare the highest priority. Our tanning and after tan products cater to the most discriminating tanner.

Australian Gold

For the tan of your life and the life of your tan....

California Tan

Inspired by the carefree, sun-kissed lifestyle of the golden state, California Tan sun care products have built a world renowned reputation and brand recognition synonymous with proven tanning technology and the positive effects of the sun.