All Access VIP Exclusive!

Everything Cool Tanz!

The VIP of VIP Packages! You receive unlimited access to everything Cool Tanz has to offer! Red Light Therapy, the Hydration Station, My Mystic Sunless tanning and any level bed! Call or go by any location to sign up today!

All Star

It's All About You!

The All Star package includes unlimited Tanning, Mystic Sunless Tanning and the Hydration Station.

All Spa

Everything Spa

The All Spa Package includes unlimited Mystic Sunless Tanning, Hydration Station and Red Light Therapy!

Mystic MyMyst Tan

Sunless Tanning

Visit or Call any Cool Tanz location to reserve your Mystic MyMyst Sunless Tanning Package....Mystic MyMyst - The Authority in Sunless Tanning!

Level 4

Less time, more tan!

98% Bronzing! The best beds on the market!

Level 3

Add more color!

GO beyond a base tan....

Level 2

Base Tan

Build your base tan faster!